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About Our Studio

Fash click is a team of professional photographers and cinematographers. All the teammates are genuinely talented and professional, all the teammates are educated and very well known of cameras. We put our full effort to make your day memorable. We put our heart into collecting the special moments and presenting the fairytale for everyone to see! Fash click specialized in luxurious wedding photography, destination wedding, pre-wed video, and cinematic video with a professional touch and dedicated work.

Fash click was born out of passion and professionalism to capture love story artistically and professionally. The way we can shoot your wedding no one can. Today we have full-time team of a very dedicated, hard-working photographer, cinematographer and editor. We have some senior teammates who have the experience of Bollywood so we can deliver a wedding film in a cinematic and movie-style. We take one work at a time, our full concentration and give personal attention to each project before and after the shoot.

For every project, we research a lot, we sit together and brainstorm ideas. We like to listen to music, watch a movie, travelling to new places and keep looking for new homes for inspiration wherever we go. We love looking for other peoples work, and keep ourselves updated with unique style and technology.

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